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Though diffable is applicable to general F# debugging, DiffBundle's structuralEquiv field can be used as a tool for unit testing. Below is an example of a test written for the NUnit unit testing framework, and which uses FsUnit as well.

type DiffableExample () =
    member test.orderIndependent () =
        let values0 = [1;3;2;5]
        let values1 = [2;5;1;3]

        let tree0 = List.fold insert EmptyBST values0
        let tree1 = List.fold insert EmptyBST values1

        let compare t0 t1 =
            if diffHelpers.structuralEquiv t0 t1 then
                let seq0 = List.scan insert EmptyBST values0
                viewDOTGraph (treeListDOTCode seq0)
                let seq1 = List.scan insert EmptyBST values1
                viewDOTGraph (treeListDOTCode seq1)

        (compare tree0 tree1) |> should be (equal true)

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